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Chicago house music legends Ten City drop a new single

Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily

Ten City is preparing the release of a new album to follow their 2022 Grammy Nominated LP Judgment.

Love Is Love is the title track and second single from the forthcoming album Love Is Love, set for release in 2023. The single — following this summer’s “A Girl Named Phil” — was (rather quietly) released last Friday as a stand-alone track on digital download and streaming platforms worldwide.

Listen here:

Ten City is made up of Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily, the legendary Chicago house producer and vocalist tandem. The group released their debut album Foundation on Atlantic Records in 1989 after tracks including “Devotion,” “Right Back To You” and “That’s The Way Love Is.” The group was one of the best-known and longest-lasting acts signed by the major labels in the groundswell of house music’s first eruption in Chicago in the 1980s. Their 2021 album Judgment was nominated for a Grammy the following year.

“Love Is Love” is out now on Helix Records.

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