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Dissecting Art & Sound at ADE 2022

Dissecting Art & Sound at ADE 2022

This week will see Amsterdam Dance Event return for its annual edition – the celebrated event has become a staple of the creative arts calendar showcasing a variety of talks, exhibitions, performances, parties, club nights and beyond. It is a chance for industry professionals to gather and reflect on the notion of progress within the creative sector, challenging boundaries and creating networks which might inspire collaboration in the future.

This year the event has placed significant prominence on the integration of the art and design community as part of the events’ programme. A wide variety of multi disciplinary artists and musicians will collaborate to showcase innovative new projects and discuss key areas of growth.

Key topics being explored include the integration of AI in music and art, audio visual collaboration and the fluidity between sectors in an exhibitory space.

Ahead of the week, we discussed some key views with participants, artists and contributors to this extensive programme including Portrait XO, Lyzza, Natasha Greenhalgh and Thomas Haferlach.

So, why do you feel it is important to integrate art and design into a festival predominantly focussed on music?

Portrait XO: “Although I started as an artist in music (from classical piano training to teaching myself how to produce), visuals have always been just as important to me to achieve full expression of whatever it is that I want to communicate to enhance my music. I think the future of creative expression is becoming more transdisciplinary especially with the boom of creative AI tools that’s opening all kinds of multimodal approaches to expressing ourselves in new ways. Everything is moving so insanely fast with new methods and approaches constantly being published, too fast to keep up. Open source culture of creative coders and artists are pushing boundaries to new heights by challenging whatever it is that we ever thought was possible at this intersection of human-machine co-creation. From synthesizing audio created from text prompts to visuals being converted to audio (and vice versa), the possibilities and combinations to create are not just limitless, but with each new approach that is born, the options available to create from a single new tool offer billions of unique outputs. We are witnessing the most fascinating and overwhelming movement of creative AI art that’s impacting every field of creativity. Things are wild now and it’s just going to keep getting wilder. By the time you finish reading this, there will most likely be hundreds if not thousands of new AI generated art and music with new methods and processes.”

Lyzza: “As music is one of the only art forms that is intangible, I feel it’s important to invest into creating visual languages and visual worlds to go alongside it as it might help lower the barrier of entry for people who might not be used to alternative or electronic music. Our eyes are the door to our soul as they say so I feel integrating design or art into a musical festival can leave a bigger impact.”

Natasha Greenhalgh: “I think ultimately when you bring different types of creators, thinkers and makers together that’s when you can really push creative, intellectual and political boundaries. I think it really creates an opportunity to drive innovation. You can create new forms of connectivity through new ways of being and new modes of expression. Yes ADE is focused predominantly on music but it’s also focused on technology and art – when they come together and are given space to kind of bubble and brew you can really create something new, something fresh.

Thomas Haferlach: “I like having a mix of different art forms at a festival because it creates a more immersive experience and attracts a more diverse crowd. I get bored if I’m just listening to music all day. In our digital times, we are consuming and producing all kinds of mixed media. Music is accompanied by visuals, art exhibitions by music, hiphop and street art are connected. The question is how much you want to prioritize the different forms. With the Voodoohop parties in Brazil I was involved in organising we always tried our best to give similar priorities to performance, visual art, and music.”

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