Fact Mix 876: Snufkin

Fact Mix 876: Snufkin

Snufkin races through a joyous sprint of grinning experimentation and unabashed fun, the perfect chaotic chaser to a long festival season.

Amsterdam-based DJ, audiovisual artist and curator Snufkin takes their name from one of the central characters from Tove Jansson’s Moomin universe, an anti-materialist philosopher and vagabond with an adventurous spirit and a hatred of authority figures. From the first moments of their ecstatic Fact mix, as swirls of cavernous dread noise courtesy of Bonaventure are punctured by the text-to-speech call-to-arms of Varg2™’s propulsive anti-police music, it’s clear that the mischievous spirit of Jansson’s iconic character is alive in Snufkin’s exuberant approach to playing. “My focus has always been on maintaining a versatile and playful approach to selecting and mixing and this mix is definitely an ode to exactly that,” they assert. “With today’s nightlife culture, that seems so overly serious and predictable, I constantly try to bring back a sense of excitement and joy with my club sets. Though this recording is definitely a statement to that, it has also made me realise I miss playing with sound outside of a club environment, so it feels as a perfect end and exciting start to a new beginning. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys this ridiculous compilation of tracks I like to lose my mind to.”

As the former programmer for legendary Amsterdam club night Progress Bar, a curator for the Sonic Acts Biennial, one of the foremost festivals for experimental sound and visual art, as well a core member of Valley, a multidisciplinary platform that has released projects with Estoc, Himera, Swan Meat and IVVVO, Snufkin is no stranger to subverting convention and pulling from a dizzying breadth of talent. Smashing together a lethal arsenal of edits, precision engineered club weapons and bleeding edge updates of classic dance anthems old and new with defiant abandon and tangible glee, sprinkling in some choice EDM, hard techno and hard house for good measure, it’s a joyous sprint through grinning experimentation and unabashed fun, the perfect chaotic chaser to a long festival season.

You can find Snufkin on Instagram, SoundCloud and at the Valley Bandcamp. Photography by Ville Vidø and make-up by Elvira Hilgevoord.


Bonaventure – ‘Supremacy’
Varg2™ – ‘Parasites (Honest Music For Dishonest People) [Feat. G19]’
E-Saggila – ’83C’
El Irreal Veintiuno – ‘Maaaaaasev’
Hertz – ‘Recreate (Slam Rework)’
Armand Van Helden – ‘Witch Doctor (The Dark Ages Mix)’
Ingrate – ‘Crypto Poser’
Onleash – ‘Creatine’
Bapari x Underworld – ‘Born Slippy Edit’
Fever Ray – ‘This Country (Paula Temple’s DESTROY Mix)’
NIKENINJA – ‘And They Ate The Flesh Of The Angel (Rapala700 Remix)’
Da Hool – ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade (Sl8er Jungle Refix)’
TAAHLIAH – ‘Transdimensional [Feat. KAVARI]’
KAVARI – ‘Uppe’ntra – Lust (KLARHK Reeemix)’
LOFT – ‘spookie one [jam city x heady one x mark frost]’
LSDXOXO – ‘Taking Me High’
Lorna – ‘Papi Chulo (Bours? Remix)’
Salvatore Ganacci x Sanjin – ‘Motorspeed 300 km/h’
TYGAPAW – ‘Magenta Riddim’
Clemency – ‘Sauce’
MORENXXX – ‘Bodies Hit The Floor (Byrell the Great x ANNA)’
Celeda – ‘The Underground (Felicie Edit)’
Warnung – ‘3 Tage Wach (Sport Mix)’
Tessela – ‘Hackney Parrot (Disaffected Bootleg)’
Vandall – ‘Hard Tech Action’
Sega Bodega – ‘Addictive Love’ (Nicki Minaj Vs. Kessel)
Basswell – ‘The Devil’s Laugh’
Tiësto – ‘Totem’
Cortina – ‘Music is Moving’

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