[Mix]: Blaxad – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022


Blaxad, who took the name from the comic book Blacksad and is based in the suburbs of Paris, will put out the EP “Eternal Light” via his own Bandcamp, the 7th selfreleased EP. Being much inspired by the Berlin techno spirit he tends to transcribe it in the music he plays in his sets and own productions.

In September 2022 he released the EP “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited after releasing “Unname EP” on Aliøm Records and being also featured on Matière’s compilations in the past.

He recorded this mix with my vinyl collection playing some of his favorite tracks.

“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022”

01. Blawan – Immulsion (Come To Me In Full Electric Mix)
02. Aiken – Genetics (Blawan Remix)
03. Kitkatone – Point Of Rejection
04. Exium – Immune Response
05. Amotik – Chautis (Anthony Linell Remix)
06. Reizemann – Skirmish
07. Selección Natural – MG0039
08. Oscar Mulero – Common Frequencies
09. Decka – Fractured
10. Obscure Shape & SHDW – Die Illusion
11. Kaelan – Callout (Fundamental Interaction Remix)
12. Setaoc Mass – Kunfus
13. Volster – The Process Of Becoming
14. The Plant Worker – Spaceshift (Pfirter Remix)
15. Amotik – Atharah

Blaxad’s self-released EP “Eternal Light”
Blaxad’s “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Lonely Cow”
Blaxad’s “Unnamed EP” on Aliøm Records
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Four Seasons”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “No Numbers”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “For Letters”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Tomorrow’s Choice”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Acts Of A Play”
compilation “Utopia” w/ Blaxad track on Matière
compilation “VA004” w/ Blaxad track & collab with Meroj on Matière
compilation “VA003” w/ Blaxad track on Matière

Blaxad @ Facebook
Blaxad @ Soundcloud

Coming Soon! SSR002 – Russ Urban – Funky 4 Play