Moon Rock Weed: WTF Is In Cannabis’ Most Expensive Nug

Moon Rock Weed: WTF Is In Cannabis' Most Expensive Nug

Moon Rock Weed

There’s a reason why Moon Rocks are among the most expensive nugs you’ll find at. Moon Rocks are undoubtedly the most expensive way to smoke cannabis and if you’ve got a decent supply of weed, kief, and hash oil, they aren’t even that hard to make at home. When a moon rock is created in the correct way, you should hardly be able to see what your nug initially looked like.

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When it comes to smoking moon rocks, nobody should simply just treat them like regular weed. This article will cover everything you need to know about making and smoking moon rocks.

WTF Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks are a type of cannabis that stoners should not underestimate. They were made for people looking for a way to improve their smoking experience. If you don’t typically consume concentrated cannabis, smoking some moon rocks is likely to be a trip. You’ll want water, snacks, and good vibes if you’re trying them for the first time.

The moon rock phenomenon was started by the rapper Kurupt, who worked and released music with Death Row Records in the early 90s, and his partner Dr. Zodiak. The original moon rock products are now called Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock. It is important to note that not all moonrocks are created equal. While Dr. Zodiak’s brand is widely known for winning High Times Cannabis Cup awards, another moonrock could be of inferior quality.

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How potent and high-quality your moonrock is will depend on the materials used to make them. Some, not trustworthy suppliers might conceal their bad nugs and low-quality oil under kief. If you’re not near any dependable producers of moon rocks, you’re better off learning to make your own.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks?


Smoking Cannabis Moon Rocks has a lot of pretty sweet benefits, but because of its intensity, it’s not always sunshine and daisies. Here are some reasons why you should smoke Moon Rocks and a few why you certainly shouldn’t smoke Moon Rocks.

The most apparent reason you should smoke Moon rocks is that they get insanely stoned. These things are made (which we’ll discuss later) to get you as stoned as possible off of the least amount of weed imaginable. So that is the best and most apparent reason why.

But therein lies the first issue on why you shouldn’t smoke Moon Rocks; getting to that level of stoned isn’t for everyone, and you shouldn’t smoke or make Moon Rocks if you don’t like getting demolished.

You should smoke Moon Rocks, though if you want to check it off your bucket list and say that you did it. Because, after all, any style of smoking that gets you as high as it these do is a great conversation starter at the next party you go to.

But with that in mind, they are a lot of maintenance to have an icebreaker at your next party. Between the storage requirements and the effort, it takes to make them, these things are not for the faint of heart (even if their potency makes it worth it). So you shouldn’t smoke these Moon Rocks if you don’t want to commit to taking meticulous care of the goods.

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How Potent Are Moon Rocks?

The potency of each batch of moon rocks differs intensely, depending on how it is made and who produces it. However, most moon rocks are thought to contain around 50% THC. For comparison, most regular cannabis flowers contain about 20% THC. Each hit from moon rocks is almost like its own separate experience.

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The high from moon rocks is intense and all-encompassing. It starts in your head and gradually spreads throughout your body, making you feel like you’re on top of the world. Be prepared for a long, intense climb when you take this powerful drug.

How You Can Make Your Own Moon Rocks At Home

moon rock weed

For those committed to creating this powerful string of cannabis nugs, it’s not as difficult or time-consuming as expected. They only require a few things to start whipping up a Moon Rock of your own to inhale. Although moon rocks are traditionally made with GSC flower and GSC concentrate, you can make your moon rocks however you’d like.

All you need is the following:

  • A handful of buds of your favorite string of cannabis. Put a bit of thought into this because the strain you’re about to indulge in can define the night you’re setting yourself up to have.
  • A high-quality liquid concentrate. Much like the cannabis above, put some extra thought into the type and strain of concentrate you’re after, as your selection will define the high and quality of the Moon Rocks.
  • A large quantity of kief. I usually use my grinder base to collect kief and store it up over the weeks and months. I typically have enough for Moon Rocks after consistently smoking for a few months (making the art of crafting Moon Rocks some event).
  • Tongs. This help grabs the nugs during the creation process so that you don’t break up the nugs or ruin the shell before the Moon Rocks are ready.
  • Liquid dropper. This will help you apply some extra ingredients and oils throughout the process.

Step 1:

The first thing you’ll want to do is grab a nug. I recommend using a denser cannabis flower for this recipe to help hold the final cocktail together better.

Step 2:

Get your favorite concentrate. If it’s thick and hard to work with, heat it up until it’s a bit liquid. Then use a dropper to cover the buds completely without dipping them in the concentrate. If you oversaturate the bud, it will take longer to dry and be harder to light.

Step 3:

With tongs, take hold of the bud and roll it in kief until it is fully coated in crystals.

Step 4:

Let your moon rocks dehydrate and dry until they’re ready to be used, then smoke them.

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Should You Use Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Cannabis moon rocks are a fun and easy way to enjoy all the different products that come from the plant at once. You don’t have to remove the classic element of smoking, as you do with dabbing, making it a great way to share with friends.

That being said, these things pack a punch if you plan on smoking then, taken at your discretion. There is no straightforward way to say if you should or shouldn’t smoke Moon Rocks. It’s your call! The high THC isn’t for everyone, but moon rocks are often the preferred smoking method for those committed to one wild night.

Even if you are tolerant to high doses, if you usually smoke the same amount every day and are looking for an experience similar to your first time, try moon rocks. Sun rocks will give you a different experience, like night and day.

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