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Said The Sky, William Black return to Lowly for pop-punk blend with SayWeCanFly, ‘On My Own’

Said The Sky, William Black return to Lowly for pop-punk blend with SayWeCanFly, ‘On My Own’

Said The Sky and William Black are each responsible for two of the most hailed albums in melodic bass music this past year—Sentiment and Pieces—and the two Lowly-backed names knew it was the right time to finally cross discographies. Back in June, William Black tagged Said The Sky and SayWeCanFly on a tweet that asked a very simple question: “should we drop this soon?” A short three months later and everyone’s immediate response of “yes” has been answered, with the three taking a trip through Lowly to formally deliver “On My Own.”

“On My Own” not only represents a first in terms of the debut collaboration between Said The Sky and William Black, but it also represents their first original releases since the arrival of their respective LPs. And a first glimpse into what a crossover could look like came more than two years ago when Black reworkedPotions.” The final product—which the two have gotten to play out together a handful of times this summer—is a faultless balance that syncs the idiomatic future- and melodic-bass styles that we’ve come to know and love from them, roping in a helping lyrical hand of 2000’s-esque pop-punk from SayWeCanFly as the cherry on top. All three artists supplied some insight behind the emotional depth of “On My Own,” explaining,

“To me the song represents finding the strength and trust to lean on somebody – allowing yourself to be vulnerable during a time of hopelessness and self-doubt.” – Said The Sky

“The lyrics stem from the fear of vulnerability, however they insinuate taking a “leap of faith” to find true love.” – William Black

“This song encapsulates the entire spectrum of emotions caused by insecurities. From losing hope to self-deprecation to finding hope and love in the end.” – SayWeCanFly

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