Strivr CTO Speaks on Joining the XR Association

Strivr CTO Speaks on Joining the XR Association

Immersive firm Strivr has joined the XR Association (XRA) as a member of the rapidly expanding trade group, it was learned recently in an interview with XR Today.

The XRA is a trade group representing major immersive firms providing a forum for outlining the future of the XR industry, including legislation and policy.

Strivr joined the XRA in August, alongside seven other firms, to assist in responsible XR development.

In an exclusive interview Aneesh Kulkarni, the CTO of Strivr discussed how the firm joined the XR Association amidst distributing immersive training solutions to Fortune 1000 clients.

Speaking to XR Today, Kulkarni explained,

“Think about the mobile industry and how it’s evolved. Advancement in the adoption of VR, MR and XR in general as a technology is going to take an ecosystem of leaders that understand the space. The technology benefits [and boosts the] importance of issues like privacy and security”

The CTO also said that StriVR would take an active part in establishing XR policies and practices that define the future of XR. 

Kulkarni said his firm learned a lot through working with enterprise customers. He added that Strivr would bring that to XRA and the industry. 

Kulkarni also said,

“They [the XRA] have working groups and committees on developers, accessibility, policies, standards, health, and inclusion. These are areas for us both to contribute to and also to draw from the other Members of the XRA”

Strivr Expands with XR Hardware Manufacturers

Strivr has roughly 2 million users and has years of experience working with top-tier XR hardware manufacturers, like its long-time partner Pico, to deliver immersive training solutions to enterprise customers.

The firm is an immersive learning firm that develops training software to meet demands from an extensive range of enterprise verticals.

The Palo Alto-based firm’s extended reality (XR) software development kit (SDK) is a toolset that major cooperations such as Walmart employ to train staff.

With its esteemed list of clients, the firm joined the Global Silicon Valley 2022 list of the most effective learning and training companies this January. The firm also raised around $65 million through a series of venture funding rounds this year.

Last week, Strivr launched a partner programme to accelerate the adoption of XR solutions among enterprise customers, and will also include major XR firms like Pico, Qualcomm, and Accenture.

Strivr CEO Derek Belch said at the time his firm’s partner programme set the standard for at-scale enterprise VR deployment.

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