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Crypto Mining Firm EZ Blockchain Launches Low-Emission Custody Hosting Service

Crypto Mining Firm EZ Blockchain Launches Low-Emission Custody Hosting Service

Crypto miner EZ Blockchain will promote its low-emission custody all-inclusive hosting service at the Mining Disrupt conference in Miami from July 26-28.

Currently, the hosting service will serve cryptocurrency mining investors in four states, including Kansas, Texas, Colorado, and South Carolina.

EZ Blockchain is committed to solving the global problem of wasting energy and connecting the blockchain ecosystem with sustainable energy.

The company also said it would be working on a 1.5mW mobile submerged mining vessel solution shortly. The product has already started mass production and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter.

The mining firm added this immersion-cooled mobile data centre will provide high efficiency, lower operating costs, longer equipment life, and more precise cooling capabilities.

Using Georgia State’s underutilised power resources, Crypto mining company EZ Blockchain plans to expand its mining rigs to 16 megawatts.

To achieve environment-friendly objectives, more than 60% of the electricity at the EZ Blockchain Data Center Campus in West Point, Georgia, comes from emission-free sources, primarily using nuclear power.

In April, EZ Blockchain created an Immersive Liquid-Cooled Data Center, Simultaneously Unveils Newest Product for Cooling Crypto Mining Containers, SmartBox 1500i.

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Crypto miner EZ Blockchain will be promoting its low-emission custody all-inclusive…


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