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FaceCake, to Scale AR Digital Checkouts

FaceCake, to Scale AR Digital Checkouts

FaceCake and formed a strategic partnership on Wednesday to scale an augmented reality (AR) self-service digital checkout system to prepare for a global launch in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The “first-to-market” solution provides small to medium businesses, influencers, and content creators with an AI-driven, automated onboarding system that reduces digital checkout time with its sign-up systems.

FaceCake’s solution also incorporates AR try-on technology, which lets a shopper virtually wear a product before they buy it. The solution supports digital visualisations for products such as glasses, cosmetics, jewellery, clothing, accessories, and shoes.

Industry figures like the Co-Founder and CEO of Snap Inc, Evan Spiegal, believe AR has the power to change the retail world and buyer’s journey.

During VivaTech Paris 2022, the CEO said,

“We’re already seeing the profound ways that it [AR] can change the world.” He explained that the AR retail revolution is happening now and how Snap is responding to the demand adding, “there are 250 million people using AR today just inside of Snapchat”

Scaling FaceCake with provides hardware agnostic, developer-friendly tools to assist with building and managing a digital retail infrastructure. The firm’s suite of products enables a business to create bespoke customer and partner portals.

According to Linda Smith, the CEO and Founder of FaceCake, the partnership with enables her firm’s “next-generation” solution to be more accessible to retailers, brands, and content creators.

Linda also added,

“Democratizing our AI/AR Shopping platform and allowing for the ubiquity of our personalized Virtual Try-On, meeting the expectations of consumers today”

The partnership enables the Calabasas-based firm to scale its product to broader markets with assistance from’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Additionally, the Founder and CEO of, Bill Wade, explained that his company has proven experience in providing offerings that bring “enterprise functionality to small and middle market businesses.”

DXP provides a hub with a dashboard of features and tools that enable an operator to manage client onboarding, automated marketing, billing, and identity. FaceCake’s tools also operate in real-time, meaning an operator can instantly change details.

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FaceCake and formed a strategic partnership on Wednesday to scale…

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