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Frankie Vega: Pathway EP

Frankie Vega: Pathway EP Lemuria Live

Chicago techno condottiere Frankie Vega beats the box on Pathway, a three track EP from techno friendship society UKR.

The title track sets the stage with drums that thunder like artillery and a bassline that can’t sit still. The effect is contagious: it is scientifically impossible to sit still while listening to this. “Static Route” whips out the heavy machinery, a driving track built around tuned traffic and noise.

Chicago’s AFTR and ROAZ make “Pathway” bounce on the remix, leading with drums, a dizzying OD of sweeps and effects.

Frankie Vega: Pathway EP (UKR / Digital)
1. Frankie Vega: Pathway (06:17)
2. Frankie Vega: Pathway (AFTR & ROAZ Remix) (05:42)
3. Frankie Vega: Static Route (07:00)

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