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Immerse, NVIDIA Partner to Stream XR Learning Content

Immerse, NVIDIA Partner to Stream XR Learning Content Lemuria Live

This Monday, NVIDIA entered a project partnership with Immerse to launch VR-to-Desktop streaming for international language learners.

The move lets learners access Immerse’s virtual teaching environments via NVIDIA servers. The streaming service allows users to access the service as a WebXR application via browser services -negating intensive computing requirements for accessing immersive learners thanks to a browser.

Quinn Taber, Founder & CEO at Immerse, added:

This state of affairs made the decision here at Immerse easy.  In order to accomplish our goal of making language immersion accessible to all, we realized we needed to expand our definition of the metaverse to include 2D desktop users.

Moreover, the firm’s CEO noted that thanks to the NVIDIA launch, international learners can stream Immerse’s virtual worlds “from any computer through NVIDIA’s virtual servers.”

Taber also explained:

Just like how YouTube doesn’t require you to download a video but instead allows you to render and stream through your local wifi network, similarly, we are making our complex VR application accessible from your internet browser, regardless of your computer’s specs.

According to the CEO, the language learning market contains “hundreds of millions of users”—Immerse is attempting to convince learners that an RT3D environment is more effective than a 2D screen service.

More on Immerse

Immerse created its platform for human resource departments, education, and enterprise end-users. The platform promotes seamless user experiences, scalable distribution, flexible access flows, and reporting/data insights.

The service also allows in-house developers to create bespoke training and collaborative tools. The platform’s streamlined workflow toolkit enables clients to leverage the Immerse package to upskill workforces.

The platform has been utilized by a number of the largest businesses in the world, such as Royal Dutch Shell, General Electric (GE), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Nestle, DHL, Accenture, and Air France.

More on NVIDIA

2023 is proving a busy period for NVIDIA’s XR ambitions. Notably, this year the firm added game-changing updates to Omniverse, its platform for creating and distributing RT3D and immersive content.

NVIDIA is expanding the Omniverse ecosystem as a cloud service so developers can carry out enterprise tasks with improved accessibility and usability. Additionally, Microsoft Azure, a cloud service provider, is the only international access point for the cloud-based PAAS.

The cloud-based service for “connecting, building, and operating” industrial Metaverse applications will soon support additional tools for AI-based avatars, 3D design/rendering, digital twins, and automation services.

Moreover, NVIDIA is exploring ways to create sophisticated avatars for contact centre use cases. The firm’s Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) is a collection of cloud-native microservices to support the development and integration of avatars across various levels of a business.

ACE provides platform developers with tools to streamline avatar production pipelines. For example, NVIDIA is leveraging AI-driven tools and services to assist with avatar creation and delivery. Moreover, ACE leverages technology stacks based on NVIDIA’s Unified Compute Framework and RTX technology to optimize developer workflows.

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