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Specter’s Ironside drops from Angis Music

Specter’s Ironside drops from Angis Music

The sound of Specter’s “Integrated Circuit” is the sound of a well-meaning techno scientist whose machines have taken over and he’s just barely hanging on. It is the lead track from Ironside, a new 12″ from Angis Music, and it’s completely over-the-top and unrestrained. Imagine jazz musicians just winging it — and then some steampunk computer with a soundsystem attached plays it back, phrases from trumpets and a tenor sax repeated pitch-perfect as a series of analog hums & bleeps. Whenever I hear of electronic musicians collaborating with jazz musicians, this is the kind of sound I imagine and I’ve nearly always been disappointed before now. “Wesley Shuffle” is far more delicate, icy keys piercing a bubble of warm deep house. “Heavy Barrel” is maybe the best track of them all: a scintillating fusion of computer funk and moody deep house.

I hope you know what you get with a Specter record, and here you get more of it than you had any right to expect.

Ironside by Specter is out now from Angis Music and available on Bandcamp.

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Specter: Ironside (Angis Music) Track Listing
1. Specter: Integrated Circuit (06:59)
2. Specter: Wesley Shuffle (07:14)
3. Specter: Heavy Barrel (07:11)

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The machines take over on the Chicago producer Specter’s three track…


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