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Top XR Providers for Arts & Entertainment Market Map in 2023

Top XR Providers for Arts & Entertainment Market Map in 2023 Lemuria Live

The evolving extended reality landscape is changing the world we live in on a phenomenal scale. As immersive technologies become more accessible, both for consumers and business users alike, we’re discovering just how impactful these solutions can be. The right tools can change the way we communicate and connect in the digital age, and transform the way we share experiences.  

In the arts and entertainment space, XR solutions are helping to create everything from live events enhanced by holographic visuals, to virtual experiences and augmented gallery shows. XR solutions are even opening the door to new ways for artists and creators to monetize their creations in the new age of the metaverse.  

Today, we’re looking at some of the leading vendors in the extended reality ecosystem, producing solutions targeted at the Arts and Entertainment market.  


Exploring the possibilities of the AR and mixed reality landscape, Creal develops light-field display technology, to combine digital assets and content with the real world. The organization is specifically building tools to eliminate some of the core issues associated with AR technology, such as eye-strain and nausea, allowing for prolonged use of digital assets. 

Creal’s technology reconstructs light in the physical world, supporting the natural behavior of the human eye for more immersive experiences. The company is allowing organizations in the Arts & Entertainment space to replace flat displays with adaptive, and interactive solutions. The solution also includes a simple and robust system architecture which doesn’t rely on eye-tracking technologies. 

Poplar Studio 

Focusing on the era of virtual commerce, Poplar Studio is a specialist agency committed to developing unique experiences through visualization technologies. The organization builds 3D and AR previews of products and experiences across websites, social platforms, and the metaverse.  

Working with leading entertainment brands, Poplar Studio develops end-to-end AR experiences, for marketing, ecommerce, and events. The team can also work cohesively with business leaders on the development of unique experiences. Poplar Studio has also worked with brands like Doritos to create AR-enhanced musical advertisements. The company specializes in highly accessible and intuitive XR experiences, which work across various operating systems and devices. 


Producing both software and hardware for the extended reality space, Nreal works with brands across the globe on the development of unique AR experiences. The company produces smart glasses, compatible with a range of gaming consoles and devices. Two of the flagship solutions offered by the brand include the Nreal Light and Nreal Air headsets.  

Alongside wearable glasses, Nreal also produces solutions like the Nebula portal for Android, which projects 2D content into a 3D space. The solution can run on a variety of compatible smartphones, and a host of other platforms. Additionally, Nreal also has its own augmented reality lab environment, where business leaders can develop their own immersive experiences.  


Virtual Reality production company Khora produces extended reality experiences custom-made to suit the needs of evolving brands. The organization works in various industries, from the healthcare landscape to marketing and promotion. The team has also produced virtual showrooms, arcades, and art galleries for the Media and Entertainment space.  

Products developed by the company include the Khora Exposure Virtual Reality platform, which can be used in various rehabilitation and treatment environments, as well as the Heka VR environment for those suffering with auditory hallucinations. Khora also offers a number of workshops and training solutions for businesses experimenting with virtual reality for the first time.  


Designed to help companies quickly produce Virtual Reality content for a range of use cases, MindPort assists with everything from immersive training to product demonstrations. The company’s core solution, the VR Builder, is a platform intended to save businesses time and money when developing immersive content using Unity technologies. 

The VR development toolkit simplifies complex processes, assisting businesses with creating events, demonstrations, and artistic experiences in the metaverse. The MindPort team also works alongside clients to assist with everything from evaluating use cases, to global launch strategies. Use cases for Mindport technology include virtual product demos, VR training, and prototyping projects. 

Psychic VR Lab 

The Psychic VR Lab team has already produced various immersive experiences for the Arts & Entertainment industry, including augmented exhibitions and galleries. The company offers companies access to the STYLY VR creative platform, where creators can make a variety of spaces to render virtual content in an immersive environment.  

Users can build VR spaces using just their web browser, and share solutions across Mac and Windows operating systems. The solution also works alongside various 3D software solutions and creation tools, ranging from MAYAA and Blender, to Instagram, and YouTube. The platform also works to distribute content across a host of displays and wearable headsets.  

Figment Productions 

Digital media production company, Figment Productions develops and builds creative content using XR technology and resources. The company specializes in the development of virtual reality environments for Entertainment and Arts companies. Recently, the organization also introduced the new “Helix project”. This software-hardware platform combines full-motion VR with physical 4D effects and a proprietary avatar creation system.  

Figment has worked alongside a number of large entertainment companies and Ips, such as LEGO and Harry Potter. Utilizing Figment technology and specialist support, companies can build innovative environments with computer-generated imagery and interactive assets. The company even creates AR-enhanced films and video content.  

Backlight Studio 

Building immersive branded experiences for companies across the globe, Backlight Studio has won 63 international awards for its services. The Parisian production studio specializes in the development of augmented, virtual, and hyper-reality environments. The company can assist organizations with the development of turnkey solutions for Arts and Entertainment. 

Already, Backlight has worked with numerous businesses on the creation of AR, and VR branded content and entertainment experiences. Solutions range from a Disney Celebration Quest solution, to an immersive version of the Phantom of the Opera. The brand has also worked with businesses in the movie landscape, with productions such as the Valerian film. 

Divr Labs 

Virtual Reality experience creator, DIVR Labs has built its own VR arena, with a range of immersive assets to explore. The company has produced original games specially for partners in the Entertainment & Arts space, such as the Lost Lab, and the “Meet the Dinosaurs” experience. The company specializes in collaborative gamified interactions within virtual reality.  

Suitable for people of all ages, the Divr Labs solutions are built to provide users with a fully immersive experience which spans a large surface area of up to 1614 square feet. The company has also developed unique teambuilding exercises for organizations looking for new ways to develop collaborative skills for staff members.  

Incarna Studios 

French VR development studio, Incarna Studios believes in using immersive technology to transport members of the gaming community into original worlds. Working with Entertainment and Arts companies across the globe, Incarna Studios already has a host of unique story experiences to offer partners and vendors. Additionally, the company can assist organizations with the development of unique simulations based on their own narratives.  

Incarna optimizes the production process for companies investing in VR, with access to full-stack creation services. Companies can work with the team on everything from character design and concept art creation, to sound composition and storytelling.  


Built to unlock the benefits of virtual reality for collaborative experiences, Meatpacker is an immersive platform offering zero latency interactive journeys. The company offers access to VR arcade games, as well as immersive play zones and VR escape rooms. MeetSpaceVR also works with partners across the UK to deliver private VR events. 

With locations throughout the UK, MeetSpaceVR assists consumers in evolving digital world with the discovery of new virtual worlds and environments. The company has captured the attention of almost 100,000 players throughout the nation, and even allows consumers to sign up for early access to newly produced games and events.  


Otherwise known as Sensorium Galaxy, Sensorium is a metaverse company, offering customers access to deeply immersive experiences. The solutions created by Sensorium are available to access through a host of wearable devices and headsets, as well as small digital screens like smartphones. The company also works with brands on the creation of music festivals, shows, and other event experiences enhanced by immersive technology.  

Sensorium Galaxy aims to be an example of a next-generation social platform, where users can interact with others and experience new adventures in virtual reality. The company specializes in everything from virtual reality built with Unreal Engine 4, to environments optimized with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.  

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