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Ramsey K

StreetScape Recordings Presents : Ramsey K

Ramsey K
Ramsey K is the owner/ operator of StreetScape Recordings, TechnoSoundz and Lemuria Live, LLC.

Ramsey K has a mixing style that is best described as musically fluid, energy conscious, and technically sound. Ramsey K has over 20 years of experience in the music industry as a DJ, event promoter, label owner and producer. Adding Ramsey K to your line creates a unique experience that will leave an impression.

Mixing Style
From a musical standpoint, house and techno are at the core of each set. There are many variations that can be called upon at any moment during a set. Variations include disco, breaks, acid, hard techno, funk, dub and anything else that will work within the framework. Technically speaking, effects and DMC styled tricks on the mixer are intertwined throughout the set to give those on the dancefloor a “live performance” feel.

Industry Experience
Starting out in the early 90’s as a promoter in the northeast region of the US then becoming an event promoter. As part of Upstate NY’s ACME Labs, the crew produced some of the most memorable events of that time including Clover and Kindness. During that time, Ramsey K bought a couple of turntables and began practicing. In the late 90’s, Ramsey K worked as a label manager and sales for a global record distributor.

After some time off in the mid 2000s, Ramsey K resuscitated his career in the music industry by helping produce 2 reunion parties in upstate NY. While living in Atlanta at the time, his friend and mentor Dave Angel introduced him to the Atlanta scene and over the next 6 years Ramsey K:

Held down 4 residencies
Played at Imagine and SXM Festivals
Made frequent appearances in San Diego, Las Vegas, Cincinnati and Chattanooga / Dalton, GA area
Promoted events at DJ Pierre’s Wildpitch Nightclub
Produced the Halloween event LEMURIA
Released his first two tracks on his label StreetScape Recordings
In 2021, he decided to live the beach life and now resides near Clearwater Beach, FL working on music and running StreetScape Recordings.

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StreetScape is proud to present the first ever release featuring Ramsey K. A long time industry veteran and DJ from the south east.

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