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StreetScape Recordings Presents : Ramsey K

Ramsey K
Ramsey K is the owner/ operator of StreetScape Recordings, TechnoSoundz and Lemuria Live, LLC.

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in the music industry,
Ramsey K stands as a versatile DJ, event promoter, label owner, and
producer. Renowned for his seamless mixing style, curated
energy-conscious selections, and impeccable technical finesse, Ramsey K
guarantees an unforgettable and unparalleled experience for every event.
Ramsey K’s sets are rooted in the solid foundations of house and techno,
skillfully blending an array of sub-genres to create a captivating sonic
journey. From the infectious grooves of disco and breaks to the mesmerizing
depths of acid, hard techno, funk, and dub, his dynamic sets embrace a
diverse range of sounds, elevating the overall experience. Expect an
electrifying live performance as Ramsey K intricately weaves effects and
DMC-style tricks into his mixes, leaving dance floors pulsating with energy

Ramsey K’s musical odyssey began in the early 90s as a promoter in the
northeastern United States. With time, he evolved into a highly respected
figure, leaving an indelible mark on the scene. As a vital member of Upstate
NY’s ACME Labs crew, Ramsey K spearheaded unforgettable events such as
Clover and Kindness, establishing himself as an influential force within the

Driven by a passion for DJing, Ramsey K immersed himself in mastering his
craft, acquiring turntables and honing his skills. In the late 90s, he ventured
into the business side of the industry, assuming roles as a label manager and
sales professional for a renowned global record distributor.

After a brief hiatus in the mid-2000s, Ramsey K experienced a resurgence by
playing a pivotal role in organizing two legendary reunion parties in upstate
NY in 2014. It was during this period that he crossed paths with his friend
and mentor, Dave Angel, who introduced him to the vibrant Atlanta scene.
Over the following seven years, Ramsey K left an indelible imprint in Atlanta,
holding residencies at prestigious venues and gracing renowned festivals
such as Imagine and SXM. His magnetic talent also propelled him to
captivating performances in cities like San Diego, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, and
the Chattanooga/Dalton, GA area.

Ramsey K’s contributions extended beyond the DJ booth as he played an
integral role in promoting events at DJ Pierre’s legendary Wildpitch
Nightclub. Additionally, he curated and produced remarkable events such as
Lemuria and Relief, which raised over $5,000 for various charities. Testifying
to his versatility and unwavering dedication, Ramsey K took on the role of
label manager at PRODUCTIONBLOCK records while cultivating his own
imprint, StreetScape Recordings.

In 2021, driven by a desire for a beachside lifestyle, Ramsey K relocated to the
vibrant Tampa Bay area in Florida. Since then, he has continued to make
waves, organizing events in Tampa and gracing renowned venues like Avant
Gardner in Brooklyn, NY. Notably, StreetScape Recordings achieved
remarkable success with its latest release, soaring to Beatport’s Top 100
Releases across four genres, securing #4 in Breaks, #4 in Indie Dance, #9 in
House, and #20 in Melodic Techno.

With Ramsey K at the helm, prepare yourself for a musical journey that
transcends boundaries, resonates deeply, and leaves an everlasting
impression on all who partake in his extraordinary sets.

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