Ramsey K - The Chance EP

About Ramsey K - The Chance EP

StreetScape is proud to present the first ever release featuring Ramsey K. A long time industry veteran and DJ from the south east.

First track, “That Saturday” features a slick chord progression, invigorating build ups and break downs and a unique dubstep styled breakdown that will smack dance floors into a frenzy.

“The Chance” features a high bass line that variates throughout the track, a Latin flavored piano line, dubstep and vocal stabs.


Erik-Horton-Headshot ssr002

Erik Horton

Heavily influenced by the New York City club scene of the 90’s, Erik Horton is no stranger to what it takes to make a dancefloor come alive.

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Russ Urban StreetScape Recordings

Russ Urban

CHASE YOUR DREAMS!!!!!! The last time I saw my grandfather before he passed away he gave me some advice that has stuck with me to this day. He said ” Find something you’d do for free every day. Then find a way to make money doing it! You’ll never work a day in your life” Thanks Gramps!! I never got to tell you how much that meant to me. I would have never chased this dream if it were’t for you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Not too soon I hope.

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DJ Luis Martinez

Anyone can mix two songs together… Anyone can blend eggs… But the key is how you season and prep it to the fusion a delicacy.

Luis Martinez

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Ramsey K

Ramsey K

Ramsey K is the owner/ operator of StreetScape Recordings, TechnoSoundz and Lemuria Live, LLC.

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