Live Rosin: Is It Better Than Resin Or Just Another Overhyped Cannabis Concentrate?

Live Rosin: Is It Better Than Resin Or Just Another Overhyped Cannabis Concentrate?

Lately, I’ve heard more and more cannabis enthusiasts have been talking about ‘live rosin,’ many of whom are labeling it as the cannabis product that will change the industry forever.

But will it?

With so many different edibles, resins, rosins, and more being brought to market every day, it’s essential to understand the difference between them if you ever want to find what product is best for you. This article will discuss what live rosin is, some of the most significant benefits you can find in smoking it, and a short discussion about why live resin is as expensive as it is.

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Before we dive in, let’s shout out to 14erBoulder for making some of the best small-batch Live Rosin you can find and for supplying the images needed to make this article.

What Is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate that many cannabis users love for its solventless clarity and terpene-rich flavor. It is made from ice water hash, which is then pressed through increasingly high heat and pressure. This gives the resulting hash oil with a thick, waxy texture and flavorful experience that will hit the palate of anyone who vapes cannabis.

The extensive process of making any amount of live rosin starts with fresh frozen material.

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As soon as cannabis plants are harvested, they are quickly frozen to secure the highest trichome density possible. Those white and milky crystals on nugs are packed full of all the cannabinoids and terpenes that produce amazing effects. The goal of this new freezing process is to keep and retain the concentration of those trichomes, so the oil made from it will be highly potent.

The Benefits Of Live Rosin

Pressing live rosin provides several advantages compared to traditional butane hash oils, and other cannabis concentrates. These include:

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  • No solvents. There are no solvents in live rosin, unlike many other BHO products. Live rosin is made down into completely natural compositions and forms. This ensures you get quality cannabis throughout all of the live rosins you smoke.
  • Natural properties. The high concentration of terpene is damaged in the initial freezing process or pressing of live rosin, which protects the naturality of the live rosin.
  • Unchanged. Live rosin is a version of concentrate that is made from fresh, undried cannabis plants. This product is said to be the closest representation of the plant in concentrate form available on the market today. This makes it one of the favorite options for the health-conscious cannabis smoker.
  • Medical value. Because of its natural pressing and processing, the medicinal qualities much sought after from medical cannabis patients are much higher than any other cannabis concentrate on the market. The potency of pressed live rosin can be much higher, making it more desirable for those who need it for comfort or medicine.
  • Artisanal craftsmanship. Small-batch processing is the only way to create live rosin, and as such, it offers a much more artisanal process than many other cannabinoid concentrates. It is often handcrafted by those holding a deep respect for the process who value quality over quantity.
  • Lower Melting Point. Live rosin has a lower melting point, making it easier to use for dabbing.

How To Use Live Rosin

Live resin can be consumed in different ways, dabbing or vaping. You can also sprinkle it on joints or add it to a bowl. It has a sticky, waxy consistency and is usually yellowish. A dab tool or something similar is sure to come in handy when collecting the concentrate.

If you want to enjoy the flavors and smells of live resin, you should dab at a low temperature and pull slowly.

When storing your live resin, you want to keep it cool. This is a waxy substance that will become more liquid-like if it is brought to higher temperatures. If you’re looking to keep the consistency and quality the same as when you purchased it, store it in your fridge or a cold, dark, dry place.

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Which Is Better; Live Rosin or Live Resin?

Rosin is often seen as a step up from resin because of the different ways they are made. Resin comes from hydrocarbon extraction, while rosin is made solventless.

Live rosin is produced using live plant matter instead of cannabis that has been through a curing process. The plant matter is put into an ice bath in various micron bags. The bags refine the material, filtering and isolating the THC-containing trichomes. After this process, the leftover material is dried up, eventually turning into bubble hash. Once it’s dried, the bubble hash can be pressed using a machine that applies heat and pressure to create the live rosin.

Since the live rosin process is more complicated and the final product is much purer, it is not surprising that live rosin is more expensive than live resin. Ultimately, it is a matter of preference for which one is better.

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Why Live Rosin Costs So Much

Live rosin is generally more expensive for consumers because it is more labor-intensive than solvent-based extracts. In addition, many of the best hash brands are produced in small batches, contributing to the higher price. The cannabis industry is based on the law of supply and demand, like any other sales-based industry. You see this price inflation with various products within this space (especially the wildly overinflated CBD markets); once the hype train took off with rosin products, so did the prices.

Rosin is one of the easiest and fastest “concentrates” compared to other waxes, shatters, and resins. However, the prices will be higher because it is produced in lower quantities.

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