ShapesXR Reveals MR Toolkit for Meta Quest Pro

ShapesXR Reveals MR Toolkit for Meta Quest Pro

ShapesXR, the world’s top-rated free productivity app on the Meta Store, has upgraded its platform for use with Meta’s latest enterprise device, the Quest Pro, the company announced on Tuesday.

The features will enhance collaborative efforts and creativity using Meta’s long-awaited mixed reality (MR) headset. ShapesXR will offer creative content developers a new suite of tools capable of building immersive experiences for any app on MR headsets from Meta, Pico Interactive, Apple, and others.

Across the XR industry, global firms and startups have leveraged ShapesXR’s platform to develop user experiences and interfaces for virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (VR/AR/MR) applications, world-building, and other use cases.

With the Meta Quest Pro now officially revealed by Meta Platforms, ShapesXR aims to fully explore the device’s full potential for its productivity and collaborative capabilities.

Updates with the Meta Quest Pro in Mind

ShapesXR has updated its toolkit with Meta’s full-colour passthrough for overlaying digital content on the physical world, allowing the former to boost app and game design for next-gen headsets and devices.

Matt Davis, XR Designer for Microsoft, explained that the upgrades were “incredibly useful” to creators designing MR apps “in a more dynamic and joyful way.”

He added,

“The ability to swiftly open portals from above ceilings and below floors to peer beyond the physical bounds of a room is satisfying and strengthens your sense of presence within the spaces you create”

Users can also invite teammates, customers, and other developers to interact in virtual worlds with the programme’s Meta Avatars using cutting-edge face and eye tracking technologies. Additional UX enhancements include streamlined, low-latency performance for optimal, real-time experiences.

Inga Petryaevskaya, Chief Executive of ShapesXR, explained further, stating,

“ShapesXR team is fully remote. We all meet in ShapesXR to ideate in a virtual space in 3D, explore prototypes of upcoming features, and run user tests with our community. These meetings have become so efficient and engaging with Meta Quest Pro enhanced social presence”

Her comments come

ShapesXR, Meta Unite amid Connect 2022

The news comes after the San Mateo, California-based firm offered a toolkit upgrade for Meta Quest enthusiasts, providing them with MR experiences for the Quest 2’s passthrough capabilities at the time.

Features on the update included real-world occlusion and room mapping for references, shortly after Meta debuted its fresh passthrough features in June.

The Meta Connect 2022 offered audiences a deep dive of Meta’s upcoming projects, metaverse ambitions, software development kits (SDKs), and ethics and social responsibility platforms.

Keynote speakers, including company Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft Project Manager Josh Sachs, Consulting CTO for Meta’s Reality Labs, John Carmack and many others are attending the annual event to explore the future of spatial computing and emerging tech.

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