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Back To Mine with Ransel

Back To Mine with Ransel

Whether performing on stage, locked in the studio or managing local venues, Ransel has through various aliases and projects been a driving force in the rise of electronic music in Norway since the early 00s. He was brought up on a mix of prog and marching bands and loves everything from house music to Balearic. He uses an array of analog gear when producing that gives his sounds an authentic edge. Whatever genre he makes, he does so with irresistible depth and rawness, with his new ‘Dykan Darian’ single being no exception. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine with Ransel..

Mike Oldfield -Tubular Bells II – 1992

I grew up in a small town in Northern Norway with quite a distance between every satellite-dish, so MTV was hard to come by. Our influences were older brothers and their record-collections: rock, punk, progrock and rock again. My mother brought “Tubular Bells” with her from England. Listening to an album focusing on synthesizers, processed guitars and huge reverbs just blew me away.

2 Nils Petter Molvaer – Khmer – 1998

I attended a concert in Tromsø back in 1998, where Molvaer performed the album “Khmer”.This was the first time I experienced a DJ performing with jazz-musicians. Quite common these days, but that concert was a real eye-opener for me. Btw: The album is considered a ground breaking album in electronica and jazz.

3 Trentemøller – The Last Resort – 2006

Holy shit. First time I listened to this on my headset, I was sold. What an artist of sounds, panning’s, crisps, machines and warmth. Never tired of this.

4 Fever Ray – Fever Ray – 2009

Karin Dreyers “Fever Ray” is just pure magic. Dark, twisted and honest.

5 Elephant9 – Psychedelic Backfire II – 2019

This band live delivered THE best concert I’ve ever attended. Just a humble Norwegian trio. No lasers, no backtrack, no topping on the cake. Just pure, pure craziness from a drum set, a bass and wicked collection of keys.

6 Røyksopp – Senior

The best travel/drive/dental-visits/sleep on the couch album existing. Small moments of eternal magic regarding basslines.

7 Kullrusk – Kullrusk – 2004

Swedish superfunky jazzheads using chains of guitar pedals on their saxophones. Perfect to start the day with this one!

8 Erykah Badu – Mama`s Gun – 2000

Not a single week is complete without some good Soul. This is good Soul.

9 Biosphere – Substrata – 1997

Hard to describe this. It’s just an ambient piece of brilliance. Just a must have.

10 Ellen Allien & Apparat – Orchestra of Bubbles –  2006

I heard “Jet” in a club in Köln back in 2006, and checked out the whole album as soon as I got back home. Glad I did, an electronic evergreen!

Ransel ‘Dykan Darian’ is out now on Mellom.


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Whether performing on stage, locked in the studio or managing local…


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