Marcelo Vasami and Figueras joined forces for a new release on Munich-based label PlattenBank Records

The Munich-based label PlattenBank Records launches the long-awaited release by Argentine progressive house maestro Marcelo Vasami, powered by the trendsetting duo Figueras.

Andy and Elias Figueras from Buenos Aires are brothers with a recognizable style, bringing top-tier imagination centered on inventive musical landscapes and carefully crafted melodies.

This two-track EP with nearly sixteen minutes of mesmerizing music showcases their unique approach to producing.

The release opens up with a powerful track named ‘Chaotic’ and its complex and restless structural soundscapes are ready to dominate the dance floors around the globe.

Up next we have ‘No Words’. This track brings a balance with its feel-good harmonies and eternal summer vibes, making the entire release an audio material for any occasion.

Marcelo and Elias Figueras demonstrated in 2022 that the fate of collaborations within the genre is in excellent hands.

Grab your copy here.

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